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Writer : Alan Moore
Director : Jack McNamara
Sound Designer : Adam P McCready

Northampton. The centre of England. Twelve extraordinary characters transport you through six thousand years of astonishing history.

As Alan Moore's place-writing masterpiece reaches its 25th anniversary, New Perspectives brings this expansive work to life through twelve immersive audio journeys. Violence, madness, lust and ecstasy all weave together in patterns of recurring visions, restless apparitions, and gut-wrenching narrative that offer an unprecedented voice to one of the country's most enigmatic regions.

A prehistoric-boy learns a deadly lesson, a murderess dresses up as her victim, a Roman emissary confronts an unbearable truth about the empire, two lovers burn at the stake for witchcraft and a poet begins his doomed walk from one incarceration to another.

Blending history with wild imagination this collection of remarkable tales submerge you in the power of language and unveil the deepest secrets hidden in the land. Spoken by an exceptional cast, from Maxine Peake to Sleaford Mods vocalist Jason Williamson, this is epic cinema for the ears, firmly rooted in the author's home town of Northampton.

Available to purchase on a wide selection of audio platforms including Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play and Anyplay, Beek, Bokus Play, Booktopia, Chirp, estories, Kobo, Libro.FM, Nook, Scribd

PLUS Limited edition vinyl release: two chapters The Drownings and The Sun Looks Pale Upon the Wall, spoken by Jason Williamson of Nottingham electro-punk duo Sleaford Mods from the 25th anniversary audiobook Voice of the Fire. 250 copies only including15 highly collectable special edition copies. Order direct here:

Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore
An immersive new audiobook in 12 parts

Hobs' Hogg ( in 3 parts) spoken by Tom Edward-Kane (at 00:00 - track length 2hrs 47 mins)
The Cremation Fields (in 3 parts) spoken by Maxine Peake (at 02:47 - track length 3hrs 17 mins)
In the Drownings spoken by Jason Williamson (at 06:05 - track length 29 mins)
The Head of Diocletian spoken by Nathaniel Martello-White (at 06:33 - track length 42 mins)
November Saints spoken by Pamela Nomvete (at 07:28 - track length 55 mins)
Limping to Jerusalem spoken by Toby Jones (at 08:10 - track length 1hrs 14 mins)
Confessions of a Mask spoken by Mark Gatiss (at 09:23 - track length 49 mins)
Angel Language (in 2 parts) spoken by Jonathan Slinger (at 10:12 - track length 1 hour 35 mins)
Partners in Knitting spoken by Aisling Loftus (at 11:48 - track length 49 mins)
The Sun Looks Pale Upon the Wall spoken by Jason Williamson (at 12:37- track length 38 mins)
I Travel in Suspenders spoken by Tom Edward-Kane (at 13:16 - track length 1 hour)
Phipp's Fire Escape spoken by Alan Moore (at 14:16 - track length 1 hour 19 mins)

Directed by Jack McNamara
Composer and Sound Design by Adam P McCready
Vocalist Sharon Gal
Voiceover Grace Cordell

Interval length: mins


New Perspectives is the East Midlands’ touring theatre company. Founded in 1973, we champion new writing, under-represented voices and powerful stories, touring world-class theatre into the heart of communities – reaching rural audiences where they live.

We believe that all people, whatever their age, circumstance or identity, have the right to access practice and inspire theatre and that all places can be sites of exciting cultural exchange.  

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